Pendants are a single adornment element used to decorate the neck. It can be worn as an everyday jewellery and makes an excellent present. All you have to know the style and the stone that the person prefers.

A beautiful pendant on the neck will instantly add glamour and elegance to any outfit and style. There are various styles of pendants that you can choose from. Here are a few styles that will inspire you and help you figure out what to choose.

Classic Pendants

Classics are pendant styles that you can never go wrong with. You can pair them with any outfit and yet complement it extremely well. They are usually made of gold silver and can be embellished with other gemstones. These classics sometimes come without a rim such as a classic rimless diamond pendant.

These classics are graceful and elegant. They complement the outfit and don’t make a statement hence aren’t eye catchy. If you aren’t sure what to buy as a present, this is a perfect gift because they always stay in fashion. Complement every outfit, and suits all styles and age.

Medallion Pendants – Lockets

These pendants can lock your secrets. They have two openings where you can put pictures of your loved ones. These pendants usually come in a heart or oval shapes. This can be an amazing present for your loved one.

Luxury Pendants

These are jewellery pieces with various shapes and come in big sizes. They are embellished with the most precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds. These are used to create colour difference and make pendant more detailed. For e.g. the pendant may be sculptured in the form of a cat or a panther for which sapphires may be used to create details for the eyes. These are works of art and cost a fortune and so, must be saved only for really special occasions. These are statement pieces that extremely bold so just in case you plan to gift someone this make sure their personality is so.

Personalized Pendants — Pendants With Inscriptions

You can inscribe the pendant with names of your loved ones. These pendants are usually made of precious metals that can be inscribed on. However, these pendants are not limited to just names! You can also inscribe small messages or quotes that you and your loved one share to create a memory. You can also inscribe a letters anniversary dates etc. These are perfect for making memories and is a beautiful and affordable gift.


These pendants are in the shape of religious symbols such as a cross or the face of a deity. These are studded with diamonds or other gemstones and are kept for religious purposes. These pendants are blessed by people considered holy and a representative of God. they are worn as a sign of protection against any evil.

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