If you own one delicate necklace that is special to you and you wear it every single day, you may let go of the fact that jewellery trends change and rotate every season!

When you have a look at the recent runway shows (like we did) you will notice just how ample the number of jewellery patterns is, Especially, necklaces!

Necklaces apart from the choker are gaining huge popularity. From personalized jewellery to oversized and long pendants and minimalistic necklaces. After this, you will definitely make sure to check what’s really hanging around your neck and how outdated it may be!


Here are 5 necklace styles inspired by celebs!

Famous celebs like Beyoncé and Hailey Baldwin adorn their neck by styling it with multiple layers of chains or necklaces! More is more people! The more the better!

  • You can either style it with multiple layers of chains and necklaces with pendants or just a necklace with a stunning pendant and multiple chains. Each chain of the layers can possess different colours through various precious metals such as gold, silver, and rose god etc. It can contain small pieces that have a story or are a statement in itself. They may be in the form of small stones, initials, symbols, mystical elements or signs.

  • Lucky charms or shaped pendants such as a clover, or a spirit animal can also be used. If you can not decide which one to choose, wear them all!

  • Delicate necklaces with thicker necklaces can be paired with a ruffle neck choker to create a rock ‘n’ roll look. These can also be used to cover deep necklines, especially in off-the-shoulder outfits.

  • For the ladies with beautiful long necks, go for an extra long chain so you can roll it a few times on your neck to create an elegant yet chic look with just one piece of jewellery!

  • If you are fond of wearing your name proudly (on your neck in this case) you can opt for a wave necklace with initials dangling at the bottom. Bella Hadid has been seen wearing this quite a lot of times! You can also opt for a necklace called the dog tag which usually bears just one initial on the pendant which is large and the chain is minimalistic.

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