Just like bags and shoes, no girl can have enough earrings! Especially traditional ones. There are many imitations traditional jewellery that has been elevated. However, for individuals who want to possess real jewellery but don’t want the other imitation with trendy styles to beat their precious, not to forget really expensive earrings!

So to all the women out there, make sure you get the best even with very little time. Take a look at these amazing earring designs that you will love and will never go out of fashion.


  • Chandbalis

    Chanbalis are excellent pieces of jewellery that have embraced art and incorporated it into their designs. It dates back many decades ago during the period of the maharaja’s. Many celebrities have been seen wearing these while making public appearances on a large platform.

    These Chandbalis, also known as arrested earrings excellently pair with traditional Indian outfits and as bridal jewellery. These earing can be acquired in various designs. They can include diamonds and gemstones or a combination of both. They can also possess different precious metals.

  • jhumkas

  • Jhumkas

    Jhumkas are extremely traditional. They are pretty and are available in different sizes. These can also be paired with modern clothes to create an indo-western look.

    Jhumkas are considered as the prettiest pieces of jewellery because of how they incorporate playful colours, especially in small-sized Jhumkas. Jhumkas that are big sized on the other hand, are heavy pieces of imitation jewellery in India.

    Everybody likes a pair of pretty Jhumkas. Jhumkas with colourful gemstones or precious metal strands with gemstone or diamond embellishments is something you can obsess on this forever!

    Use these examples and pair them with your traditional outfits to give it a dash of fancy!

  • stud-earrings

  • Stud Earrings

    If you are a person that isn’t a fan of these bold earrings or playing with different colours or if you just like to keep it simple an minimalistic then this is an ideal and excellent alternative. These stud earrings are classics and will pair with any outfit beautifully.

    This is a safe option and will pair with casual, formal and even traditional outfits very well.

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