Modern brides these days display a refined taste in terms of engagement rings. They opt for rings with a twist in its shape, settings, stones etc. however, the classics will always be what they are.

But now that the modern woman’s taste and buying needs are evolving what can they expect from big brand jewellers in engagement rings? How have they kept up with the evolving jewellery trends?

Well, good news ladies! They have. And the following will take you on a tour of various unique, trendy yet elegant engagement rings that every modern woman wants to have.

According to many famous jewellers there has been a drastic change in the choice of jewellery that brides pick as their wedding jewellery. Jewellery designs that would be considered unusual are now being incorporated in wedding jewellery designs.

The Trillion, Marquise and pear-shaped rings are growing to be extremely popular just like the classic round engagement ring. Similarly, different stones such as grey diamonds have begun to trend. Buyers are now taking exciting risks and being very adventurous.

There has is an emerging demand in portrait cut diamonds- thin cut diamonds like a glass-sheet. Similarly, demand for rose-cut diamonds- diamonds with a flat bottom and a heightened top. Geometric silhouettes have are also turning out to be a hot topic.

Brides these days aren’t withdrawing themselves from tradition but elevating it by adding a modern twist or a touch of their personality in the form of jewellery. Some of the top engagement rings styles now are- multiple band rings, antique rings, and coloured stones.
There has also been a drastic change in the buying habits of new brides-to-be. They consider the ring to be a reflection of themselves. A ring that expresses their personality and individuality is what they look for in an engagement ring.

They are also less choosy in terms of the precious metals that are to be in the ring. They agree on blending different metals such a stack ring with multiple precious metal bands.

Customization has revolutionized the jewellery industry which is why they have can expect the unexpected. Whatever comes to mind and beyond that can be made due to advanced technology and excellent craftsmanship.

This is a great way to acquire the ring that you want. Designs that are far fetching, strong, bold and edgy. You no more have to sacrifice and commit to a ring that does not fit your personality or comfort zone.

Let us take a look at a few rings with unique stones and settings:

Unique and distinct shapes of stones are unpredictable yet embrace a classic appeal. Many buyers these days are drawn towards cuts and stones that aren’t as traditional such as geometrical and minimal shaped stones and off-kilter settings.

Pear-shaped solitaire engagement rings

If you are on the hunt for a pear-shaped solitaire engagement ring whose popularity is transitioning then take inspiration from the following designs.

Trillion cut engagement rings

Trillion cuts have many facets and are triangular in shape. They are extremely reflective and radiate plenty of lustre. They are unique because of its geometrical figure and the off-kilter setting elevate its look to another level. It is an ideal for brides that seek a geometrically shaped stone but desire an asscher or emerald cut.

EastWest style diamond rings

These have become more popular because of its comfort and perfect fit. It is so natural and light on the hand which makes it ideal for a busy lady, always out of town.

Marquise cut diamonds

These stones bear sharp and curved ends on both sides. This elongated shape makes the stone appear larger than it really is. This cut is carried on from the 18th century, however, you can add your own touches of modern sweetness with minimal designs and setting and turn it into your own little masterpiece!

Hexagonal cut diamond rings

Geometric cuts especially, hexagons, are popular because it brings about a modern, bold and iconic feel to the ring. They possess the traditional brilliant cut but has a dash of vogue because of its shape. They are a classic and edgy at the same time.

Two stone setting engagement ring

This is ideal for individuals who cannot decide which stone to choose between two gorgeous stones. Try stones with different proportions on the same diamond. You can also mix and match a classic cut stone with a different cut stone. You can also mix and match different coloured stones, perhaps a diamond with a gemstone or your birthstone?

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